Corrugated cartonboard file box

Light, dust, moisture and time-proof.

Box file

A very flexible file box

Easy to use

Ideal for any document, they come in boxes of 20 units folded and ready for use.


Light and dust-proof, they are also resistant to moisture. This material is lignin-free and is finished with an alkaline buffer coating against aging due to external factors.


For its special features which make it indispensible for archived records.


  • Folded prior to use.
  • Fast: unfolded and assembled in seconds without complicated manoeuvres.
  • PH = 8.5 PH slightly alkaline. The pH of 8.5 prevents papers from yellowing.
  • Flexible: can be stored horizontally or vertically.
  • 48-hr home delivery: place your order and take delivery within 48 hours.


Exterior: 360 x 255 x 125 mm

Interior: 345 x 245 x 120 mm

Minimum order: box of 20 units

Special sizes and printing on request.

Display or download the box file technical specification in PFD.