POS items

Diseños PLV

Point of sale Advertising

The mix of our high corrugated cartonboard manufacturing capacity and the expertise accumulated during our long history in printing techniques plus the acquisition of advanced technology have opened a natural channel for the development of point-of-sale advertising or POS products which foster customer communication and enhance the shopping experience.

The following are some factors to keep in mind when investing in POS items:

  • Targets of your marketing campaign
  • POS product design
  • Environment in which the POS is located
  • Factors to which the POS will be exposed
  • Budget allocated for POS
  • Number of POS product series or parts to be made

Advertising at Place or Point of Sale is ideal for all types of establishment, from specialised shops to trade in supermarkets, hypermarkets, malls, department stores and convenience shops.

At Santorromán we have cartonboard designers and engineers who specialise in POS to boost your sales and adapt advertising resources to the needs of your products and establishments.

Advantages of POS advertising:

They offer impulse buy items in a creative and highly competitive manner.
Single use or permanent, the duration can vary according to your campaign needs.
The displays are functional as well as attractive and can serve as shelves, testers, displays, packaging, etc.
They maximise customer purchase decisions on the premises, where the majority of purchases are decided.