3D prototype design and layout

Sello de Calidad

Each package is a tailor-made suit

EHere at Cartonajes Santorromán we find that working with products, projects and clients is exciting because we consider each one unique and special. They provide us with the opportunity to innovate, to drive reengineering and to deepen our know-how in the field every day. In some cases new projects involve challenges of greater complexity than the usual day-to-day tasks and various factors, variables or conditions must be taken into account.

On these occasions we can turn to our design, engineering and CAD specialists to develop creative pre-production alternatives, such as 3D prototype design and modelling on a reduced or 1 to 1 scale as the production prototype so that the customer can take a firsthand look at the advantages and features of the requested cartonboard article during the early process stages. We can also simulate or test the functions and/or visual impact of a product in a virtual environment very similar to the conditions it will meet in the real world.