Corrugated cartonboard

Cartón Ondulado

Corrugated cartonboard is a cellulose-based material formed by joining several smooth sheets kept equidistant by one or more corrugated sheets. This means that the resulting cartonboard is flexible yet strong, solid and light.

The smooth outer sheets are called facings or walls, the intermediate sheets are linerboards and the fluted or corrugated sheets are the medium. These components form different structures on being glued together in corrugators, the machine that manufactures corrugated cartonboard sheets.

Corrugated cartonboard is a fundamental element in the supply chain of companies because it enables products to be packed, transported, displayed and sold. Therefore it is used worldwide and businesses depend on its quality to manufacture reliable packaging.

We invite you to learn more about the properties of this environmentally friendly and functional material in "Corrugated Cartonboard: 12 Reasons" on the website of the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Corrugated Cartonboard Packaging (AFCO):

Information on Corrugated Cartonboard

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