Corrugated cartonboard bottle separator

Good for you, convenient for them.

Bottle separator

Six-bottle box automatic assembly, filling and closing


Integrating this system into your production process will enable automated packing of all types of bottles: water, wine, milk, oil, etc.


The box design projects an attractive, innovative image which, along with good graphic design and Cartonajes Santorromán's high quality printing make an extremely striking combination.

Environmentally friendly

The box is 100% recyclable and thus complies with current environmental regulations.


This design is protected by patent.


  • Convenient, rugged handle: can be carried in one hand without the need for other precautions.
  • Easy to open: convenient and effective tear-off strip which does not separate the cover from the rest, allowing ongoing use as protection.
  • Secure bottom: neither the weight of the contents nor the movements caused by transport can open the bottom: the base is constructed of a single piece of cartonboard completely free of joints of any kind.
  • Six-pack: a well-balanced unit that meets the needs of the producer, vendor and consumer.
  • Strong: excellent performance both in storage (stacking) and transport. The necessary protection is provided by the micro-fluted cartonboard.


Enables use with a wide range of bottles.

The process

This system requires the insertion of a convenient, compact machine in the production line.

The blank for this box is a single sheet of corrugated cartonboard. No opening (tapes), separation (dividers) or transport (handles) accessories are required. The micro-fluted board used when flat is 50% thinner than the cartonboard usually employed, thus saving valuable space.

The shape of the box enables versatile stacking arrangements and pallet optimisation.

Display or download bottle box technical specifications in PDF.