Integrated quality monitoring

Seal of quality

We have implemented comprehensive quality monitoring in all production processes plus quality control of the finished product. This results in elimination and/or reduction of manufacturing defects, a more efficient service that takes the needs of the client into account and better finishes which ensure that our clients have a positive perception of the product's effectiveness in relation to their own customers. All this converts corrugated cartonboard packaging into an integral part of the product and contributes high added value.

Santorromán could not achieve this without the commitment and dedication of the working groups, organised in specialised production units with responsible, highly trained and experienced technicians with detailed knowledge of their roles and action plans. It is they who respond and adjust to the applicable quality systems and high standards in place throughout our plant. It is also true that communication and coordination between teams throughout the company is fluid and efficient which allows us to provide clients with a flexible, well-informed service regarding the status of their order.