Manufacture of corrugated cartonboard and corrugated cartonboard sheets



Our corrugator is fully automatic and enables absolute control at high production speeds. Using reels of paper as the raw material it makes corrugated cartonboard sheets with or without creasing with a minimum format of 266 x 520 mm. and a maximum of 2,450 x 3,048 mm.

Making the cartonboard sheet

The corrugator is the backbone of corrugated cartonboard production at Santorromán and is divided into two stages or ends:

1.- Wet end.

This stage basically involves:

  • Fluting the paper and gluing it to a facing of smooth paper. This dual component assembly is called a single face board.
  • Next, at the double-backer a second flat linerboard is adhered to the other side to form a single wall corrugated board.

Varias partes de Onduladora durante ondulado de cartón

2.- Dry end.

  • The Slitter-Cutter-Creaser cuts and scores the cartonboard sheets to the patterns defined by the requirements of each order.
  • Then the product is stacked by the stackers and placed in provisional storage until further processing.