Manufacture of printed and die-cut boxes

Flexographic Printing

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We have two printers: a Masterflex and an EMBA, the latest generation of the best on the market for flexographic printing on corrugated cartonboard. Flexography is the technique that best suits corrugated cartonboard since it achieves high quality on these substrates.

One of our printers can print 5 colours plus UV varnish on a maximum format of 1,270 x 2,032 mm. and minimum of 520 x 600 mm. while the other can handle up to 4 printing inks plus UV varnish on 1,050 x 2,380 mm maximum and 280 x 600 mm minimum sheet formats.

Die cutting the sheet

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Die cutting presses are essential machine tools in the corrugated cartonboard packaging manufacture stamping process. There are two types of die cutting:

Flat bed die cutter

We have 5 cutting-edge flat-bed die cutters on our premises, some of which feature bundle breakers and automatic stackers. Our largest formats are 1,700 x 1,300 mm and the smallest 520 x 720 mm. These die cutters are capable of making complex containers and packaging based on printed or plain corrugated cartonboard sheets.

  • The cut is extremely accurate since the die is applied vertically onto the sheet lying on a flat bed.

Rotary die cutter:

Our rotary die cutter is capable of slotting and cutting formats as large as 2,450 x 3,600 mm and as small as 420 x 430 mm. It handles large format boxes above all.