Merchandisers, SRPs

Merchandisers, SRP

We make various types of SRP displays, for example:

Snap Bottom:

An assembled box that can be erected automatically.

With all kinds of tear-off pre-cuts:

Boxes with pre-cut parts to be torn off at the point of sale, thus enabling a double function: transport to and direct display at the final destination.

Twin pack:

A box specially designed to fulfil both transport and display functions, at the same time enabling different qualities of cartonboard to be used for the upper and lower parts. This represents a considerable saving since one of the parts will only be used during transport.

Large format displays and POS:

Practically any product can be displayed to the public by means of special folding and assembly. This is accompanied by excellent image quality due to use of advanced printing techniques.

  • Video of SRP display.
  • Video of display.