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Production units in the integrated manufacture of corrugated cartonboard packaging in Santorromán

Our team works in a highly dynamic and technology-oriented environment of process integration in which well-structured, specialised, responsible working groups with action plans and clear functions take part. They implement specific activities while making maximum use of the advantages of our cutting-edge technology, following recognized productivity and quality standards to ensure excellent, well-organised, error-free, dedicated workmanship with the mission of achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

The manufacture of corrugated cartonboard packaging is an industrial project involving several operations or production units with clearly identified objectives regarding productivity, quality, safety and cleanliness in the workplace. Efficient management methods are applied in line with our identity as a flexible, integrated factory producing and processing corrugated cartonboard with an advanced system of continuous improvement. Ongoing analyses, testing and maintenance for improved productivity, time, cost, speed of work, general maintenance (predictive, preventive and corrective) staff training, waste reduction, sustainable waste management and improving machine / personnel interaction.

The main corrugated cartonboard packaging production units at Santorromán are:

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1.- Manufacture of corrugated cartonboard in the corrugator.

2.- Manufacture of B1 or flap boxes.

3.- Manufacture of printed or die-cut boxes.

4.- Sundry processes.