Stands and advertising displays

Creativity in the Right Place

Point of sale advertising offers as many solutions as your imagination, creativity and the product needs can generate. Advances in paper engineering, design and flexographic printing on corrugated cartonboard and derived products make it an excellent marketing tool with high ROI.

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The following are some of the most important POS components and their practical and advertising applications:

  • Merchandising tray: a tray-type display showcase within which a product is prominently highlighted in groups or units. Very similar to the fruit and vegetable box.
  • Merchandising screen: Screens composed of one or more articulated printed racks for display which acts as a separator, announcer and window-dressing item.
  • Blister: Cartonboard holder with a sheet of transparent plastic with one or more cavities used to display and package small manufactured articles.
  • Pallet box: A display installed on pallets with the advantage that it can be transported from origin to point of sale with the product already installed. Its dual role of advertisement support and dispenser endow the box pallet with attractive drawing power, so it is generally found in supermarket and hypermarket aisles or gondola headers.
  • Merchandising box: A container for holding products and moving them to the point of sale. It usually includes a gusset plate built into the cover or elsewhere in the structure. Merchandising boxes may have a cover which opens at the point of sale and folds in half to form a gusset plate, or it may be a box with one or more pre-cut sides allowing the product to be displayed on the shelf once the perforated part of the packaging is torn off.
  • Pallet embellisher: A printed corrugated cartonboard assembled and mounted around a pallet. To take the opportunity to advertise palletized products at point of sale.
  • Free-standing display: A display made of two panels forming an angle. Can be made of cartonboard or other printed materials.
  • Merchandising counter: Practical and useful to display the product and place it within easy reach for acquisition. Placing these at the point of sale provides a high percentage of impulse buys.
  • Display: A relatively small advertising support that rests on a pedestal or a corrugated cartonboard fold-out component of the packaging itself. Located on the counter, in the shop window or at point of sale during advertising campaigns to boost sales of the product.
  • Dispenser: As its name implies this is a device that enables a certain amount of the product to be dispensed using a cartonboard advertising panel.
  • Demonstrator - tester merchandiser: A stand that enables quick visual impact and enhancement of product samples. One or more can be placed in a department store or supermarket to entice customers to approach and be attended by the brand's personnel.
  • Counter merchandiser: An advertising element designed to attract the customer's attention and demonstrate the competitive advantages of a brand's products.
  • Floor stand: enables off-shelf display of products providing high visibility since the structural design is placed on the floor and can be of different heights and shapes with several display platforms (there are rectangular, circular and square models but they can also be custom-made to suit the client). Apart from featuring striking graphic support to boost sales and promotional activities, the advantage of the floor stand is that it can be filled from bulk storage of the product, assembled and transferred from origin to point of sale.
  • Mobile: A corrugated cartonboard item with cords hanging from the ceiling or from any indoor surface in the establishment.
  • Brochure holder: A support item with advertising space which contains brochures to disseminate awareness of the brand, the company, campaign objectives and the product in the vicinity of a point of sale. Due to its versatility, portability and advertising value it can be placed on the counter or other in locations.
  • Promotional stand: an assembly of customisable elements which form a light and harmonious but spatially and visually dynamic structure. It can be used as a communication and exhibition area to disseminate the corporate image and reinforce company or brand image campaigns.
  • Stopper: A striking publicity device that stands out from the shelf to mark the boundaries of the area where a brand's products are located.
  • Urn: A box in which to deposit slips, tickets or notes during a promotional campaign with customer participation.