Sundry processes

We perform many different operations with our machinery at Santorromán. Among these are the following:

Folding and gluing

Plegadora de caja troquelada

In Santorromán, our folding-gluing machines are extremely versatile, able to perform countless special, gluing, folding and palletising tasks.

Casiermatic partition installer

Montadora de rejillas

We have 4 units for assembling, inserting and gluing partitions in different box formats. Two are by Casiermatic and are especially for assembling partitions in B1 (flap) and similar boxes.

Shoe box assemblers

Montadora de caja par

We have 5 attached lid and 1 loose lid shoe box assemblers designed specifically for automatic shoe box assembly.

Fruit and vegetable box assemblers

Montadora de bandejas

Tray assembler: designed specifically for automatic assembly of packaging for fruit and vegetables (Betapack, TotalPack, etc.). Therefore it makes fruit and vegetable trays.

Pallet assembler

Armadora de palets

Our corrugated cartonboard pallet automatic assembly machine is an innovative machine designed for erection and cold adhesive bonding of the deck boards composing a corrugated pallet, the frame of which has been pre-cut and glued in the stringer pallet assemblers.

Digital printer and cutting table

Impresora digital

This is a state-of-the-art digital printer specially designed for the large format printing with high quality finishes used for POS printing.