The corrugated cardboard is the base of our packaging production; it is about a cellulose material that is fundamental for the manufacturing of our containers and packages. It has the properties of being non-deformable, flexible and resistant due to its characteristic wavy structure.

We produce cardboards that are used afterwards, to develop the packaging of our clients and in accordance to their technical requirements.

Advantages offered by the elaborated sheets with corrugated cardboard:

  • Based on renewable raw material and it is recyclable and biodegradable.
  • High quality of mechanical structural resistance, solidity and lightness.
  • Versatility, by adapting to different shapes and sizes of the products.
  • Lower cost comparing to other materials, offering a good quality-cost ratio.
  • Hygiene and security.
  • Simplicity and easiness of both handling and transportation.
  • Speedy manufacturing and delivery.
  • Saving of space and transportation, by increasing the cargo capacity in pallets and trucks.
  • Size and processes standardization.
  • Optimal and specialized printing quality.
  • It can be labeled.
  • Simplified tracking control.
  • Marketing and brand image oriented.
  • Minimum residue waste and no pollutants (it does not produce dangerous residues nor toxic products).

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