The corrugated cardboard packaging is a volume that consists of a rigid board made of papers, whose shape and presentation adapt to the product that needs packaging.

There is a range of three main types of containers and packaging of corrugated cardboard:

  • The flap boxes: foldable packaging of four lateral sides that close both at the top and bottom by means of four flaps.
  • The die-cut boxes: more complexed and tailor-made packaging with die-cutters and molds.
  • Any other component manufactured with corrugated cardboard.

Due to our constant investment in technology and training, in both our corrugated cardboard factories, we have an extended variety of packaging products, in which you can find:

1. Flap boxes

The flap boxes or B1 are produced in the casemakers machines that perform splitting and grooving operations. The top and bottom flaps are folded and this way the box is completed/finished and “ready to use”.

The manufacturing of a packaging always starts with the printing of the board; only afterwards comes the grooving, splitting and die-cutting operations.

The packaging made in this way presents itself flat; it is ready to be pieced together by the user, in other words, ready to receive its content.

In Santorromán, our flap boxes can be manufactured:

  • Without conditioners:
    simple and versatile box, adaptable to any type of product, as it is possible to configure the size to contain a bigger capacity. It is ideal for any type of product because it’s rapid and comfortable mountage allows it to be delivered ready for filling.
  • With incorporated rack:
    box that has an attached cardboard rack, easy to use in machine. The incorporated rack serves to individualize the bottles or cans, traditionally utilized in boxes from six to twelve bottles. It is ideal for every type of bottling with a certain value because it’s quick and comfortable assemblage, either from the box and the rack, allows it to be delivered ready for filling.
  • With special die-cutters:
    box with holes, handles, etc… and any other type of die-cut that might be needed.
  • Pack master or Wrap around:

box that is given without being mounted and that is used in bottling automated processes.

  • Bag in box:
    box for containing liquids that requires a faucet for serving.

2. Stands, SRP’s

We have several types of SRP’s stands, for example:

  • Automatic bottoms:
    mounted box that allows automatic set up.
  • With all kinds of precuts for slanting:
    boxes with precuts to be pulled out in the place of exposition, so that it grants two purposes: the transportation of the product until and within its destination and the direct exposition.
  • Twin pack:
    specially prepared box for the fulfillment of both transportation and exposition functions, but at the same time, allowing the top and bottom parts to be from different cardboard qualities; what entails a considerable saving, as one of the parts will only be used during transportation.
  • Big stand and POS:
    depending on folded and special assemblies we can expose and present to the public practically anything. This also is accompanied by an excellent quality image, using the most advanced printing techniques.

3. Trays

In Santorromán we manufacture corrugated cardboard trays useful especially for the food sector of fruits, vegetables, meat and more products with similar characteristics in general, including pet food.

Advantages of the corrugated cardboard trays:

  • Assembled and served daily with your products.
  • Ready for packing.
  • Offer visibility of the containing products.
  • Highly resistant.
  • Easy to use.
  • Allow printing to promote the brand positioning in a point of sale.

The range of corrugated cardboard trays that we have in santorromán are the following:

  • Four points
  • Self-Assembly
  • For forming machines
  • Agricultural Tray

The agricultural trays designed and patented by Cartonajes Santorromán are innovative products, versatile and sustainable products that provide an added value to its supply chain, simplifying the distribution of fruits and vegetable products in a recyclable and ecological way with a high standard of logistical efficiency because they satisfy demanding pilling needs, allowing a bigger storage due to its variable height with its total stability and standardization advantages from the established formats for the european pallets for cargo optimization and maximum transportation effectiveness.

This patented packaging by Cartonajes Santorromán was developed during a long process of research for the transportation and storing of the fruits and vegetable products in chamber, with a high level of resistant to humidity:



Attention! This trays must be protected from water.

4. Cardboard boxes

The cardboard boxes of corrugated cardboard that we manufacture in Santorromán serve to protect and transport 1, 2, 3 or more bottles. The product is known and appreciated by the liquor and wine industries. We also elaborate cardboard boxes for gifts, Christmas lots, etc…

Discover our patented product Safety Pack for shipping and transportation of bottles.

5. Big Packaging

In Santorromán, we have the technology to produce big packaging, among them:

  • Box Pallet: large format box that, together with the pallet, in addition to accomplishing the functions of grouping and protecting during shipping and transportation, is directly incorporated into the header of the shelves for the sale of the product it contains.
  • Octabins: a big container for liquid and solid up to 200 kgs.

6. Packaging for shoes

We manufacture PAR boxes or footwear packaging that can also be adapted for products that are kept in the box (bed linens, toys, etc.), or the ones that are accessed repeatedly (chocolates, pastries, etc.)

Advantages of the box with united or loosen lid:

  • They can be assembled and distpached according to the daily demand of its products.
  • Intuitive opening.
  • They offer easy shelf replenishment.
  • They allow tray cleansing once cleared in the selling outlet.
  • It has the die-cut window with transparent film option for product visualization.

This type of packaging can be of two kinds:

  • PAR box loosen lid: corrugated cardboard packaging composed of two independent pieces, one that performs as a base like a tray, and other like a cover, fitting into it.
  • PAR box built-in lid: corrugated cardboard packaging composed of two pieces, one that performs as a base like a tray, and another like a cover or lid that is attached to it by an edge.

7. Conditioners

Some packaging use functional components called conditioners of corrugated cardboard packaging to adapt to specific product needs.

We manufacture:

  • Bottle dividers (racks): corrugated cardboard elements, that once placed in the interior of several types of boxes, serve to separate the bottles and prevent them from hitting each other.
  • Corner pieces: corrugated cardboard protectors that are placed on the sides of a product, such as doors, boards, windows, etc…
  • Malleable to any product: in Cartonajes Santorromán we have the technology to make any type of corrugated cardboard product.

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