Box made for six bottles that assembles, fills and closes itself automatically

  • New: introducing this innovative system in its process, it is possible to automate the packing of every type of bottles: water, wine, milk, oil…
  • Attractive: it’s design gives the box an original and eye-catching image, that alongside a suitable graphic creation and the high quality printing from Cartonajes Santorromán, makes it very appealing.
  • Ecological: the box is a 100% recyclable product that obeys to the current environmental regulation.
  • Patented: this design is patent protected.
  • Characteristics
    • Resistant and comfortable handle: it allows the transportation to be made with a single hand and without any preventive measure.
    • Easy opening: convenient and effective zipper, that does not separates itself totally from the cover area, allowing its constant protective usage.
    • Immovable bottom: neither the weight of the content or the transportation movements can open its bottom part: the cardboard in that area is a single piece, without any kind of edges joints.
    • Six bottle alignment: balanced unit that satisfies the needs from both producer, seller and consumer.
    • Strong: excellent in its storing (piled) as well as transportation. The cardboard is microchannel and corrugated, giving it the necessary protection.
  • Dimensions: Allows it is use for an extended range of bottles.


This system needs the introduction of a compact and ideal machine within the production line.

The box when plain is a single die-cut piece of corrugated cardboard. It does not require accessories for opening (tapes), separation (cells) or transportation (handles) that complement the set. The utilized cardboard (microchannel) flat occupies only half, comparing to the regularly employed cardboard with its consequent saved space.

The box’s shape allows a versatile piling, facilitating the palletise optimization.

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