In Cartonajes Santorromán we aim to be your trustworthy provider of corrugated cardboard solutions, offering you a professional, capable and responsible service, according to your needs.

You can contact us through our Sales department to assign you an expert who will assist you, available at all times to clarify your inquiries, deliver our samples and provide you with the best suitable offers according to your product and needs. We also help you to innovate your packaging, with the support of our creative team by developing new cardboard designs and engineering, to reach the most demanding markets.

From sales department we deal with the orientation and constant communication between our clients and Cartonajes Santorromán, so, once your order has been placed, you can maintain contact through the sales/commercial department in order to manage everything related to your request.


Our experience in the corrugated cardboard sector, our physical, human and technological resources, as well as an advanced quality system, grants us the knowledge to find, in an efficient and agile way, the most suitable solutions for each kind of requirements from our clients.

From the first contact with our company, our Sales department staff, works to offer a fast and efficient service in the development production process.

Our salesforce are true specialists and qualified to assist you and provide you with useful information, advisement to choose the ideal packaging that best fits the product characteristics, the technical and legal criteria of the packaging during its distribution and commercialization, and/or detect any problems.


In Santoromán we are committed to the satisfaction of our clients needs, which we have a vast and growing variety of basic and personalized products, all of them according to your specific requirements.

We grow alongside the companies that place their trust in us and we become a part of their productive projects, as our boxes and packaging are the first contact that end user has with its products upon receipt. Our packaging do not only serve to protect the merchandise, they also help to sell them on the way.

Thanks to the interaction of teams specialized in structural design, graphic designers and specialists in Research and Engineering of corrugated cardboard products, our offer is characterized by the combination of design and functionality, for the benefit of your company because we offer you the most suitable for the resources, production processes and needs of your product because our packaging is adapted and/or made to measure, always with the final customer in mind.

Some of the factors that we take into account to design and develop our packaging are the following:

  • Product
  • Packaging or packaging line
  • Environment
  • Legislation and regulations
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Storage
  • Point of sale
  • Environmental conditions and conditioning
  • Manipulation
  • Logistics and Transportation


Our sales representatives keep a record of each project during the bidding, ordering, manufacturing, and delivery processes. In addition, they carry out a quality monitoring after-sales service, to ensure that our product complies with the characteristics and functions established from the beginning, as well as to know the opinions of our clients regarding the improvement or optimization of our products and services globally, in order to remain your trusted supplier of cardboard products.

With the launch of our Web Center, we offer you another powerful personalized tracking tool for your orders.

In addition, we have the SAC (Customer Service) to attend, through Quality, all your queries.


Our dispatch department is at your disposal to take care of all the transport of your products until their delivery. We have transportation with our own fleet of vehicles, suitable for the product to arrive in optimal conditions and on time to its destination

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Factory I and Headquarters address

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26500 · Calahorra · Spain

Factory II address

Polígono Industrial Tejerías Norte,
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