The mixture between our high corrugated cardboard manufacturing capacity and the mastery of printing techniques acquired during our extended career, as well as the acquisition of high-end technology, has opened us a natural course of development to products for Point of Sale or POS, that promote the communication and buying experience of the client within commercial establishments.

Some details to have into consideration for POS investment, are the following:

  • Your marketing campaign goals
  • POS product design
  • Environment in which the POS will be located
  • Factors to which the POS will be exposed
  • Budget assigned to the POS
  • Quantity of series or parts of products for the POS realisation
  • The publicity for the Point of Sale is ideal for all the establishments, from specialized commerce to supermarket trade, hypermarkets, department stores, warehouses and convenience stores.

In Santorromán we have cardboard designers and engineers that are specialized in POS to promote your sales and adapt the advertising elements to the needs of your products and establishments.

Advantages of the POS:

  • Offer of impulsive purchasing items in a creative and highly competitive way.
  • From a permanent or single-use, the duration can vary according to the requirements of the campaign.
  • The displays are functional besides aesthetic, can serve as shelves, testers, expositions, packaging, etc.
  • Maximizes the buying decision of the client in the store, where the main part of the sales are decided.

Stands and publicity displays

Creativity in its correct place

The Point of Sale offers many solutions as imagination and creativity, as well as the needs that the products can generate. The improvements in the paper engineering, design and flexographic printing from corrugated cardboard and its diverse products, converts it into an excellent Marketing tool with a high R.O.I (Return on Investment).

In Santorromán we have POS specialists that you can get in touch with to request a proposal that would accommodate your needs, budgets and campaign objectives.

Some of the most important elements of a POS and its practical and publicity applications, are the following:

  • Exposed tray

    Tray type exposition display which exposes a product by groups or units in a highlighted way. Very similar to the fruits and vegetables box.

  • Folding screen display

    Bulkhead composed of one or more printed articulated stretchers to serve as a display that works as a divider, announcer and element of window dressing.

  • Blister

    Cardboard support with a transparent plastic film, with one or more utilized cavities to expose and pack small manufacturers.

  • Box pallet

    Exhibitor installed over pallets; it has the advantage of being transported mounted with the product from its origin until the point of sale. Its dispensary from the shelves and publicity double function give you an attractive power, which is why generally, you can find it in the hallways or gondola headers from the supermarkets and hypermarkets.

  • Exhibition box

    Container aimed to include and move more products down to the point of sale. Usually it includes an incorporated cartouche on its cover or in another place of its structure. The exhibition boxes can have a lid that opens in the point of sale and folds inwards upon itself, serving also as a cartouche; or being a box with precuts in one or several of its sides, allowing the product to be exposed in the shelves by pulling out a part of the precut packaging.

  • Pallets Decorator

    Printed corrugated cardboard that assembles and joins around the pallets. It serves to take advantage of the publicity to the palletized products in the point of sale.

  • Leaflet

    Display of two bodies forming an angle between them. It can be from cardboard or other printed materials.

  • Counter dispenser

    Practical and useful to offer the product and that is within reach for its acquisition. Its placement in the point of sale gives a high percentage of impulse buying.

  • Display

    Relatively small advertising support that rests on a base or foldable part from the same corrugated cardboard packaging. It is located in the counter, in the window display or in point of sale during the advertising campaigns to support the commercially product.

  • Dispenser

    Like its name suggests,it is a device that allows to measure out the product quantity, it uses a component or publicity cardboard piece.

  • Counter-tester exhibitor

    Element that serves as a base to allow a quick visualization and highlight the products placed as samples at the departmental stores or supermarkets, being one or several, with the aim that the clients get closer to the products and can be attended by the brand staff.

  • Counter Stand

    Advertising element that serves to attract the clients attention and demonstrate the competitive advantages of the product or brand articles.

  • Floor stand

    Allows the exposition of products out of the shelves to be a more visible element, since its structural design is placed on the ground and can reach different heights with several exhibition platforms, as well as shapes (there are rectangular, circular or square surfaces, but can be made according to the clients demand). Beyond including an attractive graphic support that helps the commercial-promotional actions, it has the advantages of being able to fill with the bulk product, assemble and move from its origin to the point of sale.

  • Mobile

    Corrugated cardboard element that hangs with wires from the ceiling or from some interior surface within the commercial facilities.

  • Brochure Holder

    Support element with advertising board from corrugated cardboard that contains brochures to spread the brand, company, campaign objectives and product in the surroundings of a point of sale. Due to its versatility, advertising value and portability, it can be used for the counter or other locations.

  • Promotional Stand

    Set of customizable elements that when joined form a light and homogeneous structure, but visually and spatially dynamic, in order to serve as a communication and exhibition space for the diffusion of corporate image and reinforcement of advertising campaigns for a company or brand.

  • Stopper

    It serves as a striking advertising element that stands out from the shelf to demarcate the location area of a brand’s products.

  • Urn

    Box in which ballots, tickets or coupons can be deposited during a promotional campaign for customer participation.

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