The agricultural trays patented and designed by Cartonajes Santorromán are innovative, versatile and sustainable products. They offer an added value to its supply chain, facilitating the distribution of horticultural products in a recyclable and ecological way, with high standards of logistical efficiency. They satisfy demanding stacking needs, allowing a bigger storing due to its variable height along with the advantages of total stability and standardization of the established formats for the european pallets, optimizing the transportation.

The patented packaging from Cartonajes Santorromán was developed after an extensive research process for the storage and transportation of horticultural products in refrigerator chamber, with a high level of resistance to humidity, but:

Attention! Must be protected from water.

The models we offer are:

  • BETAPACK: canopy box with reinforced corners, double side wall and two hooks for its piling.
  • TOTALPACK: column box with reinforced corners, double side wall and two hooks for its piling.
  • AUTOPACK: self-assembly box to be used flat.

All our models can be personalized according to the HD flexographic printing up to six colours and with a varnish protector “alimentari” suitable for contact with food.

The Betapack and Totalpack models meet the quality and security requirements of the national UNIQ seal, the CFQ european certificate and the Cartonajes Santorromán seal of guarantee.

Both the Betapack and Totalpack are given mounted and ready for its use, thanks to the shaping machines installed in our factory. We also have a warehouse of finalised product and our own transportation service, giving us great flexibility/versatility and fast customer service and support , thus we can offer daily product deliveries.

The final product is given laminated to guarantee a safe delivery and without any ruptures.

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Factory I and Headquarters address

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26500 · Calahorra · Spain

Factory II address

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