Nowadays, the circular economy is the talk of the town, the effort from people and companies to achieve sustainable solutions that can add value to the society and be respectful with the environment.

This responsible behaviour has more importance within a globalized world like the one we live in today, in which the electronic commerce has assumed a growth in the production and consumption of the package, being corrugated cardboard  the number one for its flexibility, resistance, printing capacity and a 100% recyclable product.

One example is the new product developed by Cartonajes Santorromán, Safety Pack.

Safety Pack is a bottle protector, specially designed for e-commerce. It adapts to different types and bottle measures, avoids breakages due to falls or blows , making the product to arrive intact to the final customer. It’s 100% manufactured with corrugated cardboard and does not contain any plastics or any other kind of material.

It contains an interior conditioner whose formation creates air chambers in all sides, preventing any direct impact with the bottle in the event of falls or bumps, and for an self-assembly outer packing that works like a box for its shipment.

The advantages of Safety Pack in comparison with other existing alternatives in the market comes from the unification between the internal conditioner with the external packaging  by gluing, reducing the space that it occupies in the warehouse, easing its assemblage and eliminating loosen pieces. This product is provided flat and ready for use, and it does not need other components for its final transportation. In addition, it is the environmental alternative to other solutions like polyspan or plastics.

Safety Pack has been successfully submitted to different and demanding resistance tests for knocks and falls, and it is for sale up to one, two, three or six bottles.

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