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The pallet is a production element that until recently had gone unnoticed in businesses, but at Santorromán we now offer new advantages in its application with our exclusive product the Ideal Pallet made from corrugated cardboard.

The corrugated cardboard pallet is the best alternative to traditional pallets and it is ideal for export.

  • Lightweight
  • Resistant
  • Hygienic
  • 100% recyclable
  • Biodegradable
  • Complies with NIMF 15 regulations, meaning it is ideal for goods  transport, in the national and international markets.
  • The UNIPAL cardboard pallet is the most efficient solution for shipments of up to 800 kg.

We invite you to discover the advantages offered by our corrugated cardboard pallet via the following link: www.paletideal.es

Ventajas palet ideal

UNIPAL, palet ideal


It is totally adaptable to new shapes and sizes, according to the characteristics and specific requirements of the load. Furthermore, it is customisable, and so can be used as a platform to promote brand identity.


It is more comfortable. Owing to its lightness, it is more manageable, it generates a smaller workload, and at the end of its useful life it can be deposited in a paper and cardboard container.


Because of its original design, construction and lightness, the UNIPAL can be used in any kind of transport. It is especially suitable for aerial shipments, as well as for products of large volume and little weight, for products that require pallet-container attachment, and for direct display in retail outlets.


It is more economical. It is lighter than other materials, thus reducing transport costs, and, as a single-use product, it does not give rise to storage costs. It does not require any chemical treatment (cleaning and parasite removing agents etc.) and it is completely recyclable and recoverable.


It is safer. The UNIPAL is lighter, does not splinter and does not contain nails or staples, so its use reduces the risk of accidents in the workplace.


Contributes to sustainable development from manufacture to disposal “from cradle to grave”. Throughout its lifespan, the UNIPAL proves useful not only to the products it transports and displays, but also to the plane on which it is made. As it is lighter than other materials, it adheres to international protocols regarding energy conservation  and the reduction of polluting emissions in transport, as well as being made from renewable materials.



Manufactured using 100% corrugated cardboard, this pallet is completely recyclable as opposed to its returnable wooden counterpart, expensive due to the inconvenience of returning the item, and difficult to dispose of without high costs and environmental damage. The ease with which it can be recycled, and fundamentally its light weight, allow it to comply with Law 11/97 of 24 April 2000: Business Plans for the Prevention of Packaging and Packaging Residues.


Independent studies have proven the design of the pallet. When used correctly, it flawlessly achieves its aim.


Coupled with its light construction, our pallet’s lack of splinters and nails offers complete safety to both worker and product.


Cartonajes Santorromán is the only producer of UNIPAL cardboard pallets in Spain.

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