Processing of cartonboard sheets to form containers and packaging

Corrugated cartonboard packaging is a volume formed from a rigid sheet made of paper, the shape and presentation of which is adapted to the product to be packaged.

The corrugated cartonboard sheet is the basic component of the packaging.

There are three major groups of corrugated cartonboard containers and packaging:

  • Flap boxes: folding cartons with four lateral faces, closed top and bottom with four flaps.
  • Die cut boxes: more complex packaging made to measure with dies or moulds the structure and design of which - assembled on special wooden plates able to withstand the deformation of the working pressure and temperature - enable cutting, creasing and perforation of the corrugated cartonboard sheets.
  • Any other item made of corrugated cartonboard.

Thanks to our ongoing investment in technology and training we produce a wide range of corrugated cartonboard packaging products in our two factories, amongst which are:

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